The Story of a Purple-Haired Fiend

Courtney. 23. CNY. Hairdresser. Artist.Ceramic Arts.
Cat Lover.My Chemical Romance Forever.Fat. Piercings and Tattoos and Colorful Hair.Sex Positive. Panromantic Grey Asexual.

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Reasons to dye your hair bright and unnatural colors

  • Because you wanna
  • Being punk rock
  • Looking hella cute
  • Small children’s reactions

Your friends/family will never lose you in a store.

I dye mine for safety… I’ll not be lost during trouble with bright blue hair… Yay anxiety!

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me:illegally downloads album
me:digitally buys album
me:buys regular album
me:buys limited edition album
me:buys target edition album


the good thing about me is that you can not talk to me for 3 weeks and then talk to me and I’ll be fine and still care about you the same way I did before

the bad thing is that I do that to people and they don’t understand that sometimes I just don’t feel like interacting with people.

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My cat brought us a present today.  I have never seen a rabbit SO angry. 

****He was set free 10 minutes after being caught, photographed, and driven to a nearby field :)

"Fuckin cat thinks I’m a fuckin chew toy. Fuckin humans puttin me in a fuckin box with a fuckin carrot like its gonna make this WHOLE SITUATION SO MUCH FUCKIN BETTER! DO I LOOK LIKE BUGS BUNNY TO YOU, FUCKER?!?"

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to all the girls with thighs that rub together and have rolls and cellulite and feel like crying when you go shopping for clothes:

you are worthy of so much and i love you and you are goddesses that embody so much more than what some loser boy thinks of what you look like naked 

- someone who wishes she heard this a long time ago 

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this is my sisters contacts

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Probably my favorite thing about Bob’s Burgers is that they don’t do that thing where the characters try to one-up each other with an endless barrage of jokes? No, the characters react like actual people instead. They actually laugh or chuckle when somebody says something actually funny and/or weird. They stop mid-sentence. They do double-takes. And it all feels so very natural, because that is exactly what common people do. And that is such a refreshing change of pace, when you consider the fact that the norm in these things is to have jokes relentlessly thrown at you at break-necking speed.

also the comedy doesn’t rely on the parents hating and berating eachother idk i love that

it shows how you don’t need to be offensive to be funny

general banter is the best way to write dialogue

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